Time required for the preparation: about 320-400 hours
Exam duration: 3 hours and 50 minutes
Exam sessions: twice a year
Level according to the Languages’ European Portfolio (CEFR): B2
Second level Schneider/North: N8


– Written comprehension (50 minutes)
Literary text (550-750 words) with 6 multiple-choice questions
6 short texts to be matched with titles

– Written production ( 60 minutes)
Text composition chosen among 3 options (180-220 words)
A response to an advertisement (80-100 words)

– Morphosyntactic and Lexical Skills (50 minutes)
Exercices to transform (15 items)
Text with verbs to conjugate (20 items)
Fill-in-the-blanks using given words (8 items)
Thematic fill-in-the-blanks (7 items)

– Listening comprehension (40 minutes)
A radio interview with 5 multiple choice questions
A radio text with 4 true/false questions
A conversation with 5 phrases to complete (max 20 words each one)

– Oral exam in pairs (30 minutes)
Short presentation
Image with a short common text to discuss

With this Italian language exam the candidate demonstrates a capacity to interact in Italian, both orally and by writing, on common subjects familiar to him/her.