The classroom is not the only place to learn!

The quickest and most effective way to learn a language is to study the language in the place it is spoken.  Therefore our extracurricular activities – both cultural and leisure – make a major contribution to effective learning.

To help students to make best use of their free time, we offer a twice-weekly programme of activities which is comprehensive but not intrusive.  These activities help students first to make friends and then to use Italian in every aspect of their daily life as much as possible.


No wonder Ravenna was a candidate to become European Capital of Culture! Apart from its priceless historical monuments the city also offers many different cultural events: concerts, plays, ballet, art exhibitions, antique markets, fairs, museums and libraries.


In Ravenna it’s possible to do all sports, but some are particularly popular.

  • Cycling – When the first warm days of spring arrive in Romagna cyclists from all over Europe arrive to cycle along our beautiful cycle paths.
  • Water Sports – Near Ravenna you can enjoy sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing.
  • Beach Sports – Marina di Ravenna is the world capital of beach sports: beach tennis – beach volleyball – beach soccer – beach rugby.
  • Horse Riding – Near Ravenna, there are many places to go horse riding.
  • Skydiving – In Ravenna there is  one of the most important skydiving centres in Italy.

In Ravenna there is also MIRABILANDIA