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  • ITALIAN LANGUAGE lessons in the morning and MOSAIC lessons in the afternoon.
  • In agreement with a prestigious mosaic workshop in Ravenna.
  • The work produced remains the property of the students

Corso di Mosaico in Italia


– Starting dates: every week.
– Duration: 1 week (extendable upon request).
– Italian language course: 20 lessons per week (in the morning).
– Mosaic lessons:
OPTION A – 6 Mosaic lessons, Tuesday and Thursday, from 15.00 to 18.00.
OPTION b – 12 Mosaic lessons, from Tuesday to Thursday, from 15.00 to 18.00.
– Italian language level required: A1.
Dates and prices.
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Corso di tecnica del Mosaico a Ravenna


– Introduction to the mosaic technique.
– Decoration of objects: vases, trays, frames, boxes.
– Direct technique on lime or cement with marble tesseras.
– Reproduction of ancient patterns of decoration.
– Materials and tools provided by the School.
– To get into this wonderful world of mosaics, you don’t need any prior knowledge nor a particular flair, just a little perseverance and patience! Everyone can express their artistic nature and creativity through mosaics.

Corso di mosaico a Ravenna


– Ravenna is home to some of the most fascinating works of art using ancient mosaic techniques. Constant study of these masterpieces has meant that Ravenna has always kept alive its priceless expertise in this field, and the quality of the “Ravenna School” remains outstanding.