ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND COOKING COURSE Wholesome, balanced and cheerful: the Italian cuisine!


Wholesome, balanced and cheerful, Italian cuisine makes good eating a healthy experience at the same time heightening the pleasures of the palate.
Our cuisine, considered throughout the world an excellent dietary model, is based mainly on food of vegetable origin and low fat meat content.
Lessons in Italian on the best use of ingredients – such as extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables, fresh fruit and flour – are not only fun but also help you to acquire a personal culture of physical and psychological wellbeing based on a correct diet.


Starting dates: every week.
Duration: 1 week (extendable upon request)
Italian language course: 20 lessons per week
+ 2 Italian cuisine lessons, 3 hours each, from 17.00 to 20.00, plus dinner.


Organisation of the ingredients.
Preparation and cooking of the courses.
Dinner, consisting of the dishes prepared, with the teacher.